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Fritz macht Feuer GmbH is settled in the heart of the Harz Mountain in Lower Saxony, Germany and is run by its three owners:




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We, the owners of Fritz macht Feuer GmbH have created our company in early 2020. The year that has turned upside-down the whole world. Our main goal was to present to the consumers a brand new and patented product that makes BBQ-ing easy, fun and nature friendly.

Fritz macht Feuer GmbH has gathered thorough a long researched, based on official reports, the data of how many tons of wood charcoals has been used per year in Europe. The numbers had also made us take the decision to step forward into world’s aim to protect and preserve the nature in the whole world. In the same time, we also focused on the smart and clever use of wood charcoals when it comes the time for BBQ and grill. The taste of the prepared food on wood charcoals cannot and will never be the same compared to the prepared on gas and electric grills. How much charcoal do we need to get our meat, vegetables and all together grilled? We estimated carefully that one kilo of FSC certified wood charcoals from hard wood is enough to have between 2 and 4 kg of grilled meat. Is that not to less? The average BBQ consumption of grilled food in Germany is exactly between those two numbers. The yearly amount of wooden charcoals used in Germany for 2020 was 245.000 tones, even it was the first Covid year. Can we reduce that number? Yes we can! And still enjoy BBQ!

The advantages of our Set me on Fire! Box with premium charcoals has been gathered in a hand full of experience, a hand that will remain clean during preparing the charcoals for grilling.

  1. We think about our nature – it has been here before us and it is up to us to leave it here after us.

  2. We give the BBQ lovers exactly the amount of charcoals so everyone can have the fun and taste while BBQ-ing.

  3. We give the advantage to everyone to enjoy their food without wasting time and additional fire starter to get the charcoals ready for grilling

  4. Our box is made exclusively from recycled pulp molded paper.

  5. All that at affordable price.


When you buy a Set me on Fire! Box with premium charcoals, you think about our nature, about the tasty food and about your 15 more minutes that you can spend with the people you care about.

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